What puts E-Cigarettes Side by Side with Normal Cigars

Have you been wondering what could be the difference between the normal cigars and the electronic ones? If yes, then you are reading the right article. Technology is growing very fast and it is really impacting in every aspect of life. All that you need to do is to embrace it so that it can even make life easier and comfortable. In the past, you only had the normal and simple cigar. Today, you have several options from which you can choose from. With the discovery of the electronic cigar, you can rest assured that you will enjoy more smoking than you have ever done before.

This article will therefore help you understand the technology behind the invention of the e-cigars. While the normal ones were made out of the simplest technology, the e-cigarettes have embraced complex technology that has seen many youths engage in the modern smoking just because of anxiety and curiosity of this amazing technology advancement. However, it is important to note that it doesn’t matter what method you are using to inhale the tobacco, this is because at the end of the day, you can rest assured that both options will evoke the desired sensational feelings in you. The following are some aspects of the electronic cigar that you can compare with the normal cigar;

  • Smoke versus vapor
  • Source of ignition
  • Cost

Smoke versus vapor

You are probably use with the smoke from your normal cigar. Your normal cigar once it is lit, it will very fast burn up the tobacco so that you can be pretty sure that it will produce the smoke that you need to inhale for you to get the desired sensation. On the other hand, if you are using the electronic cigar, you do not have to look for the source of fire, the cigar will light itself electronically so that it can vaporize the electronic liquid that is available in its reservoir. Through such vaporization process, you will be able to get your vapor for inhaling purposes.

Source of ignition

A normal cigar will have to literary burn the solid tobacco so that it can produce the desired smoke that as a smoker you will really need to inhale. For that reason, it is not a complicated process. You can therefore rest assured that it will be done as fast as you may wish it to be done. On the other category, the use of the e-cigarette can be a process that purely relies on the electricity. You must have recharged your device’s battery for you to be assured of getting the vapor for inhaling. It therefore relies on its battery for ignition purposes.


Since the two cigars are not made of similar technology, you cannot expect them to cost the same amount. The one that uses the complicated technology will have to cost quite expensive than the other. However, you need to look at the cost from the wider perspective. Look at the frequency at which you shall be buying the cigars.