Technology Behind the Tobacco E-Cigarettes

In the recent past, there have been so many developments as far as the consumption of tobacco is concerned. This has led to the incorporation of technology in this industry. Today, you can easily access the e-cigarettes so that you can enjoy your smoking in the most efficient manner. As they say, change is as good as rest. You can enjoy such changes if you learn on the usage of an electronic cigar that has taken today’s market with storm. If you really desire to know more about the e-cigarette, then this article will be very important to you since it perfectly highlights all that you need to know about them.

To begin with, there are some similarities that exist between the normal cigar and the electronic one. In that both of them can be used to smoke or inhale tobacco. The difference only lies on their functionality, simplicity and complexity. The normal cigar embraces the simplest level of technology. This makes it to attract the lesser costs as compared to its counterparts. You only need to get any source of fire so that you can burn the tobacco in the normal cigar. As it burns, it will produce the smoke that you will then inhale. The following aspects of the e-cigarette will perfectly put the two sides by side;

  • Mouthpiece
  • Heating element
  • The solution


This is the upper part of the e-cigarettes that is composed of the cartridge that is also filled with the special liquid. It is this liquid that the device is supposed to burn up until it vaporizes so as to produce the vapor. The heating is initiated automatically by the device. Once the liquid is used up, you can either refill it or you can as well opt to change the whole cartridge with the new one. This means that an electronic cigar is able to last for as long as you can wish to use it. This is quite contrary with the other normal cigar in that it is usually used once and disposed once it has burnt to completion.

Heating element

This is an element that is heated by the lithium-ion element that is so important as far as the vaporization of the e-liquid is concerned. This liquid is made from extracts of tobacco. Its nicotine level varies from one solution to the other. This therefore means that you will be able to buy the solutions depending on the level of nicotine that you will love to inhale. The inhaling content comes out as vapor.

The solution

Unlike the normal cigar that is fitted with dry and solid tobacco, the e-cigarette contains a solution that has been prepared from tobacco. The device has therefore a responsibility to heat up the solution until it vaporizes for you to be able to enjoy your vapor. So the normal cigar produces smoke while this amazing device produces the vapor. In some cases, the e-cigars are used as the means to gradually stop smoking habit of tobacco.